Season 2 Dancers


Amanda Rose (Phoenix, Arizona, USA)
Amanda Rose is a dynamic and vibrant dancer from Phoenix, Arizona. With a background of intensive technique training and a passion for deep interpretation and emotion, Amanda Rose brings a unique feel and approach to her style. Driven by the roots of Middle Eastern dance but not hindered by their walls, Amanda Rose has chosen to interpret the music as she feels it, letting her style evolve naturally.
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Anis Fatale

Anais Fatale (Jacksonville, Florida, USA) 
I am the owner of Anais Belly Dance & Fusions Studio in Jacksonville, FL and the director of the award winning troupe Hipfinity.I love teaching and performing and want to share this art with other women (and men!). People often describe me as tenacious and ambitious. I have lots of dreams and goals in my life and can not wait to achieve them and meet amazing people on the way.  
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Andrea (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
Originally a Tribal Fusion dancer from Montreal Andrea also made a name for herself in the Lebanese community as the start dancer of Nuits D'Orient Restaurant. Andrea has been teaching and performing since 2006, She is the founder of`¨Ethereal Tribal¨¨Nocta Bellydance¨ ¨Tribal Essence¨and is part of the ¨Ballet Oriental of Canada¨ under the direction of Amelie Levesque-Demers. Recently Andrea has began performing as a fire artist for the Union Du Feu Du Montreal.
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Andrea Aranda (San Francisco, California, USA)
It was 16 years ago when Andrea’s passion for bellydance was born! Her joy and enthusiasm for this dance grew like a wildfire, taking her all the way to Egypt to seek out the best instructors, performers, costumes, and music. Andrea continues to shake things up by incorporating influences from Bhangra, Bollywood, Latin Dance, and Hip Hop. She currently is a performer, instructor, choreographer and produces the monthly event Raq the House at Tannourine in San Mateo, which has created a community of performers of all dance genres. Her website is where you can find out about her classes and performances.
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Courtney (San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA)
Courtney is an award winning belly dancer based in the South San Francisco Bay Area where she enjoys bringing her years of dance and musical training to the stage. She most recently was 3rd runner up in the Universal Category at Belly Dancer of the Universe and placed First in the Diamond/Professional Category at Jewel of the Sierra 2011. In addition to performing as a solo artist, Courtney is a member of the award winning troupe Khamsin under the direction of Sandra and the award winning duo Sassafras. Courtney offers regular classes and can be seen dancing weekly in South Bay restaurants and night clubs.
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Cristina Gadea (Madrid, Spain)
Cristina started dancing at age 8, focusing on classical ballet. Discovered oriental dancing on 2000. Since 2008, she runs her own dance school in downtown Madrid (Spain) and collaborates on several national festivals, both as dancer and as teacher (Barcelone, Seville, Valencia, Valladolid, Pamplona, Burgos...). Since 2009 she travels to Cairo every year to keep learning and also organizes trips with her students. In Spain, she's a cast member of ""Luna de Oriente"" and tours with them all around Spain and Paris. 2011 she’s a cast member of “Bellydance Evolution” by Jillina in Italy/Praha tour with “Inmortal Desires” show. In 2012 travelled to Los Ángeles to participated in the new show of “Bellydance Evolution”, “Dark side of the Crown”.
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Dalida (Dallas, Texas)
Facebook Page (no website)
Professional Russian belly dance performer, teacher and choreographer with 11 years of experience. Successful dancer in Russia, Europe and USA. Participant of Cairo belly dance festivals. Frequent guest of various belly dance events, concerts and festivals around the world. Represents Egyptian style belly dancing.
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Elena Faye (Washington DC, USA)
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Elena Faye (Joanie Atkinson) is a performer and teacher based in the DC metropolitan area who has studied bellydance since 2004. She is a lead soloist with the Ancient Rhythms Dance Company (DC), which is under the direction of her primary teacher, Karen McLane, and has performed with the Ranya Renee Company (NYC) and Jillina's "Bellydance Evolution" show (NYC 2010). She recently graduated from Barnard College (NYC) where she was the President of the Columbia University Bellydance Troupe. In 2011 she won both First Place and People’s Choice at the Eastern Regional Bellydance Championship and in May 2012 was selected to perform on the Main Stage at the International Bellydance Conference of Canada. In addition to bellydance, Elena studied Irish Step dance for 7 years, and has explored modern, ballet, flamenco, garba/raas, kathak, and bharatanatyam.
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Hala Jamal (Canmore, Alberta, Canada)
Hala Jamal dances to spread joy and make the world more beautiful. With elegance, humour and infectious pleasure she shares the culmination of 12 years of continuous and obsessive study of Middle Eastern Dance. Mostly influenced by the contemporary Egyptian style, she recently enhanced her training with a trip to Istanbul and Cairo. One of her favourite things is networking with dancers also obsessed with Oriental Dance at workshops, events and performances. Living in the beautiful Canadian Rocky Mountains, she is honoured to perform twice weekly in Banff and throughout Western Canada as a soloist or with her troupe, Rocky Mountain Raqs. 
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kata maya

Kata Maya (Dallas, Texas, USA)
(no website)
Kata Maya is an award winning dancer, teacher, and choreographer with 15 years of belly dance under her shimmy belt. Mentored by Isis in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas, Kata Maya is currently a member of the Brazos Raqs Ensemble in College Station, where she is finishing her degree in English rhetoric. She is a former member of The Wings of Isis and The Angels of Isis and has won awards such as Champion of Champions Belly Dancer of the Universe 2008, and People’s Choice Cabaret Professional in The Yellow Rose of Texas Competition. Dancing is her passion and it is her hope to continue dancing as her career. She specializes in Cabaret and is training in Tribal Fusion.
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Lacey (Corpus Christi, Texas, USA)
Lacey is an award winning performer and instructor from Corpus Christi, TX. She is a dynamic performer and instructor who loves to share her passion for this dance both on and off stage. When not dancing Lacey is a proud mother and wife, who loves her family and all of their support.
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Lara (San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA)
Lara is an award winning belly dancer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her most recent award was at Belly Dancer of the Universe for her Turkish style tea tray dance. She always strives to inject an element of fun into both her performances on stage and those in the more intimate restaurant environment where she can be seen performing regularly. Lara enjoys challenging herself, whether it be trying out a new prop or learning a new style of dance and Project Belly Dance is no exception!
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LaUra (New York, New York, USA)
Born in Uzbekistan into an artistic family. LaUra studied classical ballet, as well as various Russian and Uzbek folk dance forms. Since the age of 15 she is devoted to the art of Middle-Eastern dance. This amazing artist began her professional career in Lebanon, followed by touring in the UAE, Yemen, Switzerland and India. Today her remarkable talent shines brightly in the creative epicenter of the world – New York City. Today LaUra is the founder, director, and choreographer of BellyTrance -- a New York City based troupe, which brings to life LaUra’s dazzling vision of dance in stunning Las Vegas style performances.
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leyla soleil

Leyla Soleil (Cleveland, Ohio, USA)
Leyla is a professional belly dance performer and instructor based out of the Columbus, Ohio area. A dancer since childhood, she is known as a graceful and polished performer and a caring instructor who loves mixing cabaret style belly dance with jazz and ballet. Over the past ten years, she has worked dilligently to develop Dance du Soleil, the umbrella name for her training programs and performance troupes for beginner through professional level dancers and Dance as an Avenue to Fitness and Health for amateur through professional level students who are looking for an exciting and fun way to stay active through dance.
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Lisa Zahiya (Asheville, North Carolina, USA)
Lisa Zahiya is an innovative, award-winning performer, in-demand instructor and successful studio owner. Working in the genres of bellydance, Indian dance (Bollywood & Bhangra) and hip-hop dance, Lisa travels nationally and internationally teaching and performing. In 2008, her strong powerful style earned her the title “2008 Tribal Fusion Bellydancer of the Universe” and she went on to win the Alternative Category at the Wiggles of the West bellydance competition in Las Vegas, Nevada. At home, she is faculty at the University of North Carolina, Asheville, where she teaches bhangra, hip hop and bellydance. She also serves as an Ambassador for Lululemon Athletica, Asheville
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Maria (Santa Clara, California, USA)
Maria is an award-winning professional belly dance performer, instructor and choreographer. Originally from Moscow, Russia, she currently resides in the SF Bay Area, California. Maria enjoyed traveling to teach and perform for audiences in USA, Mexico, Turkey and Russia. She is featured on several bellydance DVDs and received prestigious awards among which are: 2009 Belly Dancer of the Year, 2nd place 2011 Queen of Raks Sharki, 3rd place 2012 Belly Dancer of the Universe (universal). Visit for more information about Maria.
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Nadra Al Adeeb (San Diego, California, USA)
Nadira is an Egyptian Belly Dancer who is known for being a True Artist.  Her  Elegance, Musicality , Authentic feeling and style makes her one of a kind.  She found Middle Eastern Dance in 2004 ever since then she has been dedicated to achieve excellence in performance, instruction and representation  of this dance form.   Through her dedication commitment and professionalism she has successively carved out a niche as a Premier Belly dancer in San Diego and Surrounding areas. Nadra has studied with world  renown Master teacher and aspires artistic growth.
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Navani (Greensboro, North Carolina, USA)
Navani is a passionate dancer and a music lover. Shakira with her "Ojos Asi" was the "snake charmer" and engaged her, when Navani started taking lessons sooner discovered a whole new world of not just dance but a rich and wonderful culture, her strong desire to learn converted into a passion for Middle Eastern Music and Dance that has made her a name. If you are ready for a life adventure she invites you to dare to Dance, whatever is the style that motivates you let your life be fulfilled by the passion of DANCE!
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Nawal Doucette (Saint John, Canada)
Facebook Page (no website)
Nawal Doucette has been pursuing belly dance full time for the past 4 years, she studies ATS, Classical Indian dances and is moving through Suhaila Salimpour's Certification program Holding L2 in Jamila format and Testing for L2 Suhaila format august 2012. Her 'style"" of bellydance has yet to be defined as she draws from her dance and YOGA training creating her unique vision of the music for a modern yet folkloric looking performance .. She Mother of a 4 year old daughter is a certified YOGA instructor and owns her own Yoga & Bellydance studio in Saint John, New brunswick, Canada. Sharing her love of movement as a medium for bodily awareness and mental wellness.
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Sa'diyya (Dallas, Texas, USA)
Sa'diyya, the 2011 Belly Dancer of the Universe, is a full time professional performer, instructor and choreographer of Middle Eastern Belly Dance based in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX. With almost 2 decades of experience in Belly Dance and having won many national awards for her exciting and energetic solo and troupe performances, she is a rising star in the world of Belly Dance.
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Sasha (Donna, Texas, USA)
Sasha is an award winning belly dancer that started her journey in 2001. After a lot of hard work and dedication she opened her own studio dedicated to Middle Eastern dance. She loves to share her knowledge of belly dance, costuming, and make-up with everyone. And enjoys traveling, performing, and meeting other dancers that share her same passion. Sasha also produces "Rio Raks" an annual event of belly dance workshops and shows.
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Stephanie Buranek (Salt Lake City, Utah, USA)
Stephanie is a Utah native who has been studying Middle Eastern dance for more than half of her life. It is her desire to continually learn and enrich her love for dance and bring her audience along with her. She has sought out instruction from some of the greatest dancers in the world and has had many performance and workshop opportunities throughout the United States. Stephanie is the director and owner of Shimmy Studios where she shares her love for belly dancing with her students.
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Thana Tarab (Roanoke, Virginia, USA)
Thana Tarab is a Middle Eastern Dance artist based in the Roanoke, Virginia area. With almost a decade's experience, she has been acclaimed for her grace, presence, and poise, and has been featured in articles, interviews, artistic works, and photo exposes. She founded Hips Wanted (the very first Middle Eastern Dance organization at Radford University) in 2005, served as a partner of Rhythm Fire Cultural Dance Company, and performed as a principal member of its various professional troupes. Today, Thana performs for festivals and private events, instructs workshops, and provides individualized lessons. However, she holds steadfast that this dance is a process, not an answer, and with great humility is honored to continue learning every day.
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Tiffani Ahdia (Huntington, West Virginia, USA)
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Tiffani Ahdia has been a professional Middle Eastern dance artist for 4 years, specializing in Egyptian and Turkish styles and the fusion style known as BellySamba. She has performed in the Club Bellydance show with the Bellydance Superstars, shared the stage with world renowned Sadie and Kaya, performed in various events across the nation, performs regularly in restaurants, and even produces the annual WV RaqStars Bellydance Showcase. She also teaches beginner through advanced classes in Huntington, WV.
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Zahra Noor (New York, New York, USA)
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Zahra Noor has a background in ballet, tap, modern and jazz, and was a competitive figure skater for several years. She fell in love with Egyptian style belly dance more than three years ago. Zahra currently performs in New York City as a soloist, but she was also a member of the Columbia Belly Dance Troupe and is a new member of Belly Trance.
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Ziva Emtiyaz (Berkeley, California, USA)
Ziva Emtiyaz is an award-winning dance artist from California’s Northern Bay Area, and is the Arabic Dance Program Director for Hipline Fitness Studio. As a Middle Eastern dance instructor, performer, and choreographer, Ziva shares her love and joy for the art form with audiences and students alike. Ziva started her Belly Dance journey with Shoshanna at Humboldt State University while receiving her Bachelors degree in Spanish. With training from master percussionist Souhail Kaspar, Ziva earned her certificate to assist nationwide in Kaspar’s Rhythm and Movement Raqs Sharqui musicality workshops. Ziva’s recent accomplishments include being selected for Jillina’s 2012 Belly Dance Evolution L.A. production of "The Dark Side of the Crown" and earning a degree in Fitness and Health.
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