Amalia began belly dancing as a teenager in her hometown of San Francisco, where she studied under Greek belly dancing sisters Anastasia and Phaedra, among others. In 2002, Amalia moved to Philadelphia, PA, where she now teaches and performs her fiery belly dance style at nightclubs, private parties, and local showcases. As an instructor, she excels at teaching improvisation and performance skills and, as a mother of two boys, enjoys bringing the liberation, confidence and joy of belly dance movement to other women and mothers.


Amartia is a dynamic Bellydancer whose preferential style of modern Egyptian cabaret and ethnic Greek dance make her a very popular dancer in the tri-state area. Having been raised in Baltimore, Amartia has an appreciation for urban style of music which also influences her technique. To that effect, she takes pride in knowing the meaning and setting of her music, regardless of genre. After a decade of hard work in her art form, Amartia was awarded the national title of Jewel of the Nile.  

Andalee began her Belly Dance journey with Shoshanna at Humboldt State University in Northern California in 1999 while working on a Biology degree. Since then she has been a devoted student of the art taking classes with the best performers and instructors in the world. Her lifelong experience with Music and especially Percussion gives Andalee a unique perspective and natural musicality to her dance. Andalee now lives and teaches dance in Tulare California.


Heléna Datura
Heléna Datura teaches widely and has trained extensively in many styles of “belly” dance, including Turkish Roman as well as Flamenco, studying throughout the U.S. as well as in Egypt, Turkey and Spain. However she is most at home mixing it up with her own “roots,” including inspiration gleaned from Nature; water, especially, is her muse. She has taught her signature Flamenco-Belly fusion in both the U.S. and U.K, and was interviewed for her knowledge of flamenco for the novel "Flamenco Academy," as well as for Oprah magazine. An arts educator, her work in schools focuses on teaching Andalusian dance, music, and culture, as well as helping 4th graders learn the hard science of local ecosystems through interactive experience and movement -- in which, “as” fish, snakes, weasels, and sea mammals, they do a great deal with their spines and abdominals, oblivious to the fact that they’re learning some belly dance moves!


I am originally from Moscow, Russia, at the moment a British citizen currently based in Singapore where I am teaching and performing belly dancing. I started to learn dancing and to perform on stage at the age of 9 with Russian folkloric troupe. I have had dance contracts in the following countries: Japan, UAE, UK, Egypt and Malaysia. I studied belly dance in Egypt, where I had personal training with Raqia Hassan, Dina, Shalaby and Sara Ahmed.

I live to dance, and dance to live. I am a multi-award winning professional bellydancer.I dance predominantly Egyptian style, yet I am open to many others as well. Drum beat is a heart beat for me. I love challenge and love taking part in dance contests. No matter if I win or not I am going to still gain a lot. I love other people's perspectives and criticism. They don't hurt me, they make me a better dance. I love the challenge and I am ready for it.

Isis San Miguel
Isis San Miguel is a professional bellydance competitor, performer and teacher based in the South Florida area. Her recent titles include Entertainer of the Year 2010 and Belly Dancer USA 2010. Isis is a proud member of Virginia's company ‘Wa Nour Al Ayun’, and is currently certified in the Suhaila Salimpour format level 2. Isis was also the featured bellydancer on Fox’s ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ season one.

True to the style of her home city of San Francisco, Karolina is known for her creative versatility of performance genres. The Ya Halla Y’all Tribal/Alternative Champion for 2010, Karolina found belly dance after initially receiving training in jazz, ballet, hip-hop, modern, swing, blues, and salsa, and working extensively in theater and music. In addition to a steady profession performing traditional Middle Eastern dance, this innovative artist seeks to combine her passion for all performance art in a variety of settings, ranging from hip-hop and house shows, to tribal fusion and burlesque revues. She was recently invited to become the newest member of highly acclaimed company Belly Dance Soul Fire (Troupe of the Nation 2009; Belly Dancer of the Universe Champions 2009), which she moved to Portland, Oregon to join this spring. Karolina is working on completion of a B.A. in world dance performance at San Francisco State, and is thrilled to see where her passion will lead her profession next!

I am a person who has moved all over the world, since childhood: Poland, Nigeria, Texas, Colorado and New York City in the US, and Italy. My dancing reflects this: I have training in African, martial arts, hip hop and street jazz, contemporary, modern, jazz, gyrotonics, yoga, Pilates and of course bellydance. Human artistic movement fascinates me. I have chosen belly dance and tribal fusion as my base, adding on whatever it is I feel like adding on, and I tend to follow my creative juices.


Katayoun, founder and chief instructor of Mosaique Language & Cultural Arts, began studying Classical Egyptian belly dance while competing in a scholarship pageant as a teen. Today, she is best known for her interpretations of Egyptian folklore and the Persian dances of her Iranian heritage. With special emphasis on music education, she has developed in-depth instructional programs of oriental and classical styles of these expressive art forms. She believes that the study and practice of the traditional forms inspires true innovation and the opportunity to reach our full potential as artists and individuals.


When I first read on bhuz that there would be an America's Top Bellydancer project, I was cheering in my living room. The idea was so exciting and novel for bellydance. I knew that I wanted to participate in some way. I first thought that it would be a great idea to help out but through encouragement from several of my friends in the bellydance world, I know that I would like to participate in this Exciting first America's Top Bellydancer which I know that it is going to be a hit on Youtube and through the bellydance community. I would like to be a part of it because I want to be apart of this extraordinary idea in the making.

Kimmy O
Within the spirit of Kimmy there exists a familiar yet subtle movement that we all share. . . . the resonance of music within the soul!  It is this heartfelt longing that has evoked in Kimmy an inner passion to express this feeling through dance!   Throughout the journey of her life as a Computer Programmer, Kimmy has chosen to express this deeper essence of music through the art of Belly Dance. . . .with simple humility, feminine grace and sheer power!   You will find Kimmy revealing her unique form of Belly Dance throughout Houston, Texas and Traverse City, Michigan.  It is Kimmy’s sincere desire to share her joy of music and dance with local charities of the region….but most importantly, to celebrate her love of life and Belly Dance with everyone she encounters!


Lara Adrienne
Lara Adrienne's love for belly dance led her to live in Istanbul, Turkey for two years, where she studied the dances, the culture, and learned the language. While Turkey holds a special place in her heart, Lara also has a deep appreciation for the subtlety, fluidity and grace of classical and modern Egyptian belly dance. Lara's performances incorporate her favorite aspects of Turkish Oryantal and Egyptian Raqs Sharqi. Lara has performed in Istanbul, Lisbon, Portugal, and throughout the United States, and teaches regularly in Washington, DC.


Lindsey began her study of Arabic Belly Dance with Jamileh of Portland, Maine in January 2007 as a birthday gift to herself. Six months after her first belly dance class, she auditioned for Naya's Trance Belly Dance of Portland, ME and was accepted into the troupe. During this time, she immersed herself in all things belly dance, finally stumbling upon her great love, Fusion Belly Dance. She had such a visceral reaction upon seeing Rachel Brice dance, followed quickly by Kami Liddle, Zoe Jakes, Sherri Wheatley, and Sabrina Fox, that she knew this is what she needed to dedicate her time to studying, dancing, living. With this knowledge, Lindsey has embarked on her solo career, fully dedicated to nurturing and exploring all her nooks and crannies as a person and artist.

Rosalba fell in love with oriental dance in 2003 and immediately began training with internationally renowned instructors such as Angelika Nemeth, Tamra-Henna, and Meera. She holds a dance degree from UCLA's World Arts and Cultures Department and a secondary dance teaching credential. She launched her solo professional career in 2008 and also became the artistic director and choreographer of the Zahira Dance Company. Rosalba is currently one of the busiest and most requested dancers in her area, making belly dance her full time job and love.


Samira Shuruk
Samira was a dance major in college and has studied Middle Eastern dance extensively in addition to jazz, modern, ballet, tap, pedagogy and bollywood mujra. She has worked with a professional folklore troupe from Egypt, performs full time and teaches part time. She hosted a weekly show on Persian satellite TV, is honored to judge numerous dance competitions and travels both to teach and perform.

Shems is a professional belly dancer and belly dance instructor based in Baltimore, Maryland. Admired for her elegant and dynamic interpretation of Oriental dance, Shems has performed for dignitaries and celebrities, has garnered awards and has earned the respect and admiration of many audiences, top musicians and her professional dance peers around the world.


Sherena is a second generation Bellydancer that has been performing since the age of 9. Bellydance has taken Sherena all over the United States to perform and she currently runs "Sherena's Art in Motion Dance and Fitness classes" in Northeast Ohio as well as teaching specialty classes in Bellydance, Polynesian ,and Gypsy Rom to name a few ! Where does she feel the most at home? On stage of course!

Shiraz is a full-time professional belly dancer from Delaware performing mainly in Philadelphia. She has been dancing for over 6 years and finds an unquenchable love, bliss, power, and sacredness in the dance that keeps her falling deeper and deeper in love. She's always evolving in her classy signature style and is known for her sincere passion of the art form. In addition to belly dance, Shiraz is obtaining her degrees in anthropology and Arab studies.



Toria is a belly dance performer/entertainer residing in the Maryland/Virginia/ D.C area. Toria performs Lebanese, Egyptian and Cabaret style bellydance. She performs to all kinds of music, ranging from classical to modern pop Arabic music. Toria has been studying various dance styles her entire life. She has received training in ballet, modern, jazz, tap, hula, kathak, bollywood. A diverse dance background helped her to create her own unique style, elegant, passionate, and energetic.


Victoria Teel is a multi-award winning Middle Eastern dancer, producer, & instructor. She started belly dancing in 2006 under Viviane Nome and quickly grew a passion for the dance and culture. She has competed across the nation, winning the titles: 1st Runner Up Cabaret Professional at Yaa Halla Y'all 2010, Texas A&M's i-Week Best of Show 2009, Rising Star at Yaa Halla Y'all 2008, and Miss Hot Texas 2008 (Heart of Texas Competition). Today, Victoria is based in College Station, Texas and is an engineering student at Texas A&M University. She currently teaches classes, performs statewide, produces belly dance shows, and is a member of the Brazos Raqs Ensemble.

Yeli is an award winning dancer from the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas. She is a dynamic instructor and performer that has studied the art of Middle Eastern dance for over a decade. Her specialties in Middle Eastern dance include a strong background in cabaret styles and over 5 years of experience with tribal (ATS/ITS).Yeli is recognized for her graceful work with her favorite props - veil and wings. Besides her work as a dancer, Yeli is also a successful chocolatier and the owner of Yelibelly Chocolates, an fabulous chocolate company based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas.

Yvonne is from South Florida and is a multi-award winning belly dancer, including her recent First Place win at the International Miami Belly Dance Convention 2010. She has preformed as a proud member of Virginia's Wa Nour Al Ayun since 2008 and is certified in the Suhaila Salimpour format level 2, currently working towards her level 3 certification. She would like to thank The National Bellydance Competition and Staff for all their hard work that goes into putting on an event which gives dancers an opportunity to share their passion of dance with others. As with any event, it would not be complete without the audience; thanks so much for your participation and interaction during my performance. Shrokran!


navaniNavani (was unable to participate due to a family emergency)
Navani is a passionate dancer and a music lover. 3rd Runner Up at the Middle Eastern Music and Dance Bellydance Contest. Her passion for Middle Eastern Music and natural ability for dance driven her to, when in dance, bond and connect with people of all ages. Navani has a conscious desire to improve because recognizes that her artistic evolution must never end and continues to enhance her skills by studying with world-renowned masters of various techniques in order to push the boundaries of the ancient art form. Navani discovered that Bellydance makes you a more confident person and invites you to let your body be the music to the chords of Raqs and Rock!



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