Season 2 Judges



Andalee is the winner of Project Belly Dance Season 1. She began her belly dance odyssey in year 2000 while attending Humboldt state university where she studied biology, percussion, and dance. the amazing Shoshanna taught the middle eastern dance class at Humboldt state and mentored Andalee through her journey. Andalee became a principal dancer, soloist, and choreographer for Shoshanna’s Lailaa Chandani Middle Eastern Dance Ensemble where she danced until 2005. Andalee has since studied with many other masters of the art both in the U.S. and abroad during her travels through the middle east. she performs a variety of different styles. Because of her extensive background in percussion and rhythm, andalee has a strong connection to the rhythms of the middle east and is highly skilled at playing zills and other percussion instruments including the doumbek. Andalee now resides in the central valley of California where she performs, teaches 6 classes a week in Porterville & Visalia, and is the artistic director of the eastern sun dance company.



Aziza is (one) of the brightest, most in-demand stars of bellydance in the world today, recognized across the globe for her unparalleled ability to express the unique synergy of movement and sound that is the hallmark of this ancient art form. Her innate musicality, effortless creativity and lifelong training allow Aziza to fully inhabit the dance, simultaneously capturing a range of emotion and intensity of expressive movement - subtle yet intense, fluid yet strong, poetic and powerful. Aziza is of the rare and gifted breed of performer whose styling is instantly recognizable, yet always evolving and new.

Aziza’s exquisite and undeniable mastery of the stage is matched by her skill in the seminar classroom. An intuitive, concise and generous instructor, Aziza excels at inspiring dancers to reach the next level. Promoters and students alike appreciate her ability to present well-organized, relevant and useful material that is accessible and challenging to all levels of dancers from beginner to professional. A lifelong student herself, she continually seeks inspiration as she travels the world, discovering new and revisiting familiar movement forms, always presenting material that is fresh and exciting. To study with Aziza is to be moved by her genuine devotion to her beloved art and to each and every dancer that comes to learn with her.



Bahaia's HOT Seminars are held in beautiful Central Texas. Since 1996, Bahaia has consistently combined master level instruction with high quality personal service, providing students with the best Belly Dance events in Texas. Being an accomplished performer and a perpetual student, Bahaia is ever mindful of the needs and expectations of fellow Belly Dance enthusiasts. What started with a one-day seminar and show in a church recreation room quickly grew to sold-out theatres and convention centers swarming with students. Gradually, Bahaia's HOT Seminars expanded to include these annual events: The Austin Belly Dance Convention, Cabaret Dance Camp, Tribal Dance Camp, The Heart of Texas Belly Dance Contest, Undulations Contemporary Belly Dance Show and the occasional theatre presentation or specialty workshop.

lotus niraja belly dance

Lotus Niraja

Widely recognized for her dance style, dramatic energy, and vibrant interpretation and technique, Lotus Niraja is a professional Middle Eastern dance artists specializing in Urban, Contemporary and Modern Egyptian and Lebanese belly dance styles. Known for her drum solos, shimmy technique, and warm and giving spirit, her dance style is dynamic, infused with glamour and style! As one of the top performers and instructors on the East Coast, she is rapidly gaining national and international recognition. As a dancer, her audience loves her energetic, personal elegance and her technique which is expressed with subtle nuances, movements, and emotional interpretation. Lotus Niraja & The NDC are also now the official hosts of the Belly Dance Nationals Competition!

Her love and passion for dancing bloomed at an early age, as she often accompanied her mother (who was a dancer) to rehearsals and performances. In addition, Lotus is the Artistic Executive Director and a Principal Choreographer of the award winning, internationally known The NDC (The Niraja Dance Company). As one of America's premiere bellydance companies, they are most admired for their modern approach to Middle Eastern belly dance style that features classical and contemporary movement, well-rehearsed choreography, haute couture costumes, and a love for a performance well done! Along with innovative choreographies by Lotus, they have established a reputation of presenting Middle Eastern dance with excitement and elegance right along with a hip, modern statement.

michelle joyce belly dance

Michelle Joyce

Michelle Joyce is currently a working dancer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Formerly a social worker, she has used her counseling skills to develop workshops that help dancers to overcome stage fright, body image issues and and creative blockages.

In 2007, she edited and produced her first belly dance performance DVD, By Dancers For Dancers, a collaborative project by local dancers who had decided to stop waiting for someone else to "discover them" and took matters into their own hands. The success of this DVD launched Cheeky Girls Productions, a company that produces and distributes belly dance instructional and performance DVDs internationally.

She generously donates back to the belly dance world, most recently with a $2,000 scholarship fund for dancers who are struggling with serious illness or caring for a sick loved one.



Shoshanna is from Arcata, in the redwoods on California’s North Coast. She has danced throughout her life in many styles and found her art in the dances styles of the Middle East in 1991. A dedicated improvisational dancer who values any opportunity to perform to live music, Shoshanna strives to express the joy of dancing and the emotional quality of the music. As an instructor, she works to balance personal interpretation of the music with excellent technical skills and a deeper understanding of the dance form. Shoshanna serves on the dance faculty of Humboldt State University, directs the Ya Habibi Dance Company, produces music and dance events such as the Redwood Coast Belly Dance Festival, owns Redwood Raks World Dance Studio, and teaches and performs across the US. She appears on numerous performance and instructional DVDs and in 2004 earned the title of Belly Dancer of the Year.



In 2001, Zaheea won the prestigious Belly Dancer of the Year competition. Since then, she has been a judge for the contest which has crowned some of the top names in American belly dance. In the years that followed, she has beenbeen featured on five performance DVD compilations, including “Showtime,” “Lights, Camera, Bellydance!”, “Bellydance Connection” and “By Dancers for Dancers” vol I and II. I’ve also contributed to the “Secrets of the Stage, vol I and II” by Cheeky Girls Productions. In these volumes, she describes the art of improvisation and techniques on alternative methods of receiving tips (no body tipping!) from the audience. She is also proud to say that she is on the cover of many belly dance CD’s produced by Peko Records of Hollywood, CA.

Her college years has lead me into a career as an Archaeologist. Yep! A belly dancing archaeologist! Every day is a new adventure. Her slogan is, “I like to dance and dig in the dirt…but not at the same time”.





The concept for this show was created by Michelle Joyce and Lotus Niraja
and is produced by Cheeky Girls Productions  

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