Season 2 Prize Package

This year we decided to go completely nuts with the prize package! The judges panel is full of event organizers, workshop instructors, and producers... and each one of them has agreed to add to the prize package.

1 - A starring role in a Cheeky Girls Productions DVD

The winning dancer will be featured on a full length DVD teaching in her signature style. Though the producers will have input, the winner will have the ultimate artistic decisions about their DVD. The winner will be flown to California and provided lodging for the duration of their 2-day DVD shoot with Michelle Joyce. They will also receive 100 copies of the final product ($2000 value). The DVD will be released as part of the regular Cheeky Girls Productions catalog and will be sold to belly dancers all over the globe. If the DVD is a success, the dancer will receive additional comp copies (100 copies per 1,000 sold by Cheeky Girls).  The prize includes travel expenses up to $500.

2 - Be mentored by Aziza while on a workshop tour

The winning dancer will have the opportunity to travel with Aziza and Issam on one leg of their Dream Tour. This is a rare opportunity to learn about the world of international workshopping from one of the most successful dancers in the world. The winner will have the opportunity to learn about the art of teaching a successful workshop and will be mentored about the business of belly dance (merchandise, contracts, etc). Best of all, the winner will get to meet important overseas workshop sponsors and event organizers. The winner will receive $800 towards her travel expenses and be provided with free accomodation while on tour.

3 - Judge and teach a workshop at The Belly Dance Nationals

The Belly Dance Nationals is offering the winning dancer a spot of the judges panel at their upscale, East Coast competition in November. The winner will also be offered the opportunity to be a workshop instructor at the event. She will be offered the same pay package as the other instructors (to be determined).

4 -Teach a workshop at Cheeky Girls Go Camping (judges' choice prize***)

Join Bahaia for a fun weekend filled with dance and hangin' with the girls. There are plenty of ourdoor activities, tons of dance classes, and plenty of opportunities to party or relax (or both!). October 11-14, 2012, in Ingram, Texas.

*** Because this event is very shortly after our competition, we want the instructor to have time to make travel plans, and we'd like to have time to promote them in conjunction with the event. Therefore, even though the ultimate winner of the competition will be chosen by an online vote, the judges will also choose a "judges choice" winner who will be announced at the competition. The judges choice winner will be the one receiving this part of the prize.

5 - A free costume from Maz Couture

As part of an already amazing Project Belly Dance Prize Pool, Lotus Niraja has contributed an Elite Line Costume from Maz Couture valued at $900! The winner will receive Maz Couture's White Glove Service which includes exclusive personal service during your custom costume creation. Feel like a celebrity and shop for your Belly Dance costume like a Rak Star! Maz Couture is on the Pulse of Belly Dance Fashion! Our studio features custom costumes or ready-to-wear designs, and we will work with you to create a unique and quality costume. Maz and her team of designers, sewing artists, graphic artists and administrative staff are on hand to assist you with your design needs. ​Maz Couture features costumes that give a belly dancer a "one-of-a-kind" look. Perfect for dancers who love being more creative, daring, or explorative in their costuming needs! If you love dancing in a conversation piece costume, Maz is the designer for you! For more details, visit



The concept for this show was created by Michelle Joyce and Lotus Niraja
and is produced by Cheeky Girls Productions  

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