This page is for accepted applicants only.

In order to secure your spot in the competition you must take the following action:

  • Email us to confirm that you are still interested.
  • Pay the non-refundable entry fee of $250 by using the Paypal button provided above.
  • Sign the Appearance Release.  You can either scan it and email it back to us, or mail it in the post to Michelle Joyce 343 Fay Way, Mountain View CA 94043
  • Steps 1-3 must be completed by June 25.  If we do not have your materials by that date you will lose your spot.
  • Review information provided below.
  • Let us know when you will be arriving at the competition.  We are asking the dancers to arrive Friday night, but dancers can arrive as late as 11am on Saturday.  That means being in full costume and make up, ready to shoot at 11am.

What to bring
We have a jam-packed weekend of surprises planned for you.  You will need to bring the following:

  • at least one costume (up to four max)
  • workout clothes
  • seperate CDs for each set. You will be doing a 2.5 minute set, 4 minute set, and a 6 minute set.

When to arrive
The very latest that anyone can arrive is 11am on Saturday.  And that means being dressed and ready to dance at 11am at the very latest.  We prefer that contestants arrive Friday night. 


    11am dancers perform their 2.5 minute routine for the judges
    surprise challenge in the afternoon
    5pm eliminations
    6pm live stage performance audience's choice round (everyone will be performing, even those eliminated)
    8:30pm after party (optional)
    everyone who is eliminated gets a free pass to the workshops
    10:30am arrive in workout clothes
    8:30pm that’s a wrap!!

** when you arrive at the competition you will receive a detailed schdule

It is critical that everyone arrive to all of the challenges on time.  You need to keep careful track of the time and take responsibility for yourself.  If you are late for a challenge you may be eliminated.

Food and Breaks
We have tried to assure that there is time for food breaks and rest, but if we are running behind we will have to cut the break times short. The venue is attached to a restaurant, so you will have food nearby. The weekend is packed full of activities, so arrive well rested!

Contact person
Michelle Joyce 510-384-2773
Please note that Michelle will not have her phone on during the filming, but will check messages and texts during the breaks.

The competition will take place at Club Illusions
260 S. California Ave., Palo Alto, California 94306 ph 650-321-6464

There are a few hotels within walking distance from the venue. I have never stayed at any of these hotels, so please be sure to read the reviews of them online.

Coronet Motel 2455 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, CA 94306 (650) 326-1081
Singe Person $80 - $130
Two Persons, One Bed $90 - $140
Two Persons, Two Beds $100 - $150

Hotel California 2431 Ash Street, Palo Alto, CA 94306 (650) 322-7666
**this is the closest hotel to the venue
One Full Size Bed: Starting at $89.00 for one person, $92.00 for two people
One Queen Bed: Starting at $95.00 for one person, $99.00 for two people
Deluxe Room: 1 Queen bed, plus a separate day bed... $115.00 for one or two people, $125.00 for third person using daybed. Deluxe Rooms are larger and include additional amenities such as a small refrigerator and microwave oven.

Stanford Terrace Inn 531 Stanford Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94306 (650) 857-0333
around $200 per night

If you are interested in rooming with another contestant and splitting the room fees, please email us and we will set you up with a room mate.


Please remember that you may only perform to music that is listed here. You may edit it in any way that you would like, but because of licensing issues, you may not use anything outside of this selection. All contestants will perform for 2.5 minutes on the first day of the competition. Please make sure that you do not go over this time limit. Those who make it to the final 12 will be given the opprotunity to perform for 4 minutes, those who make it to the final 6 will get to perform their 6 minute sets. Again, you may not exceed the time limit and you may not use outside music.

Please bring your music on a CD.


New information: ADDED JUNE 1

Please be sure to label your CD with your name as well as the songs and albums used. For example: Michelle Joyce, Track 1, From Cairo With Love & Track 8, From Cairo with Love.

For those who are eliminated on Saturday, you will be performing your 2.5 minute piece in the Gala show. If you want to use a different 2.5 minute set than the one that you performed for the judges earlier in the day, that is fine. Even though you will have been voted out of the competition, the live audience will have a chance to save someone who has already been eliminated.


New information: ADDED JUNE 22


I wanted to let you know that the rest of the music that we will be using for the competition has been announced. It is here

I know there isn't much tribal stuff in the music selections, but our very own Nawal has offered to let us use If you are interested in using that album, please let me know and I'll add it to the website.


San Francisco Airport (SFO) is the closest to the venue, but San Jose and Oakland are not that far either.


Now that you have the email list for the contestants, please feel free to email each other if you are looking for a roommate.


Everyone who is eliminated will have the opportunity to take the workshops for free. We are in the process of arranging transportation for everyone to the workshops from the competition. Please let us know if you will not have access to a car and we will make sure that you are taken care of.


Please bring 3 CDs - one is a 2.5 minute set, one is a 4 minute set, and one is a 6 minute set. It is not the end of the world if you go under these time limits, but please don't go over.

Also, please be sure to write the album and songs used on your CD. We are required to credit each performance with that info on the show.


Please remember the live show is a people's choice round. The audience will vote for their favorites into the next round. We are expecting a full house. And workshops are expected to be full also.... So if you have friends who are thinking of coming you should encourage them to get their tickets now. It sucks to turn people away at the door.


As you know, we will be interviewing all of you throughout the weekend. So if you have an interesting tidbit about yourself please be sure to mention it. The interviews are short and sweet (since there are so many people) so please think about speaking in sound bites. Long stories won't make it into the show, so if you practice some of what you would like to say now it will help. Things we might ask include:
- where are you from?
- what would winning the show mean to you?
- why do you belly dance?
- which prize are you most excited about?
- how do you think your performance for the judges went?
- are you nervous? What is your biggest concern?
Things that might be interesting to mention:
- if you are a mother
- if you have never competed before
- you have an injury or a cold
- if you are star-struck by any of the competitors/judges/audience members
- if you have an interesting/odd day job



The concept for this show was created by Michelle Joyce and Lotus Niraja
and is produced by Cheeky Girls Productions  

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